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Kennett AU: Lo que debería haber ocurrido en el episodio 5x18

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Au Kennett: Kol se sorprende al ver que aparece para ayudarlo en el otro lado

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bonnie bennett |  5.18

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Anónimo preguntó: Fucking hell, you're being way too sensitive about 'racism' in tvd they don't ignore the pain that bonnie goes through and they dont treat her like shit, surely her funeral was proof enough for that? (Before she came back)


i can be as ‘sensitive’ as i want to be about the treatment of poc on the show because i can- and it’s not sensitivity, it’s seeing racism plain and simple on a show that is full of it. racism does not transcend television; if you think they treat bonnie, or any of the poc on the show well, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. get out of here with this bullshit- ‘they gave her a five minute send-off, that’s not enough for you?’ no, it isn’t. it never will be. bonnie has had to suffer and has been treated like a servant and subhuman for four, now five, seasons, but you think i should be content with cheerleading pompoms and a whistle on a tree stump. you think i should be happy that bonnie even got a funeral- trust me, i’m surprised too- and was treated for once with an ounce of humanity because tvd of all shows can’t be racist, right? mind you, this funeral was after months in-show of the core cast forgetting about her and by 5.09, she was back, experiencing the pain of every supernatural death and an episode later, no one gives a shit. bonnie surpasses so many of the other characters on level of importance and they dedicate time and effort into the storylines of other characters. this isn’t a strange coincidence- all of the other characters that they in which they invest time are white. bonnie’s lineage created the existence of vampires, yet you think they treat her decently when we have so much time for damon and enzo playing pool. repeat: we had a few minutes to see white guys play pool, but no one checks to see if the black woman was alright.

this show has a recurring history, mind you, of trying to erase racism for the sake of the storyline. the show is so white it gleams, that’s an obvious fact. technically speaking, bonnie is more integral to the entire premise of the show than caroline, being that she’s the only recurring witch, has access to a fairly unexplored setting in tvd!verse, has connections to the origins of vampires, but she still gets more time than bonnie ever does, and at this point, more than bonnie ever will. as far back as season 1, they called emily a ‘handmaiden’ to save their white guilt, even though we all know good and well that emily, in the south, in the heat of the civil war where she had been for quite some time, would have been a slave. whenever tvd absolutely has to kill someone off, especially in the case of using their death to prop up a white main, it’s always, always a poc and their death is never discussed. dianne, chris, mindy, aja and now, maggie- the list goes on. dianne was killed while damon spiraled out of control when katherine, in elena’s body, rejected him. mindy was decapitated so klaus could show how ‘tough’ he was- nothing is tough about murdering a woc that you treated like a slave. aja received the same treatment whenever she came back from the other side when her head was chopped off with a mortarboard. ESPECIALLY in the case of the recurring/main characters- anna. pearl. rudy. harper. grams. connor. bree. greta. gloria. connor, by elena, a white woman, in what tvd referenced as a section OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. repeat: a black man had his neck snapped by a white woman in a section of the underground railroad. a black nurse was compelled and food for caroline.

this show tends to forget about poc as well as if we only exist to serve. why wasn’t bonnie invited to the mikaelson ball whereas everyone else was? they dressed it up as an ensemble affair, but where was bonnie? don’t tell me we didn’t have time to see her openly, verbally object to an invitation. as well, lucy was forgotten after she ‘paid’ katherine back, and she’s one of the only relatives bonnie has, yet we haven’t seen or heard from her since 2x07. isn’t it funny how this show always makes the poc owe favors to the white characters? just coincidence, right? ayanna was regarded as a powerful witch, yet we never saw her again. jamie was around for a few episodes and forgotten, but not before the white characters had a chance to beat him up and send him on his way. abby was killed by the salvatores and we never see her again after season four. basically, the message that tvd sends is that if you’re a poc and you have magic, you exist to serve the white mains, but if you don’t, you no longer have use to them and therefore, to the story as a whole. white vampire enzo with the grating voice walks in and he’s welcomed with open arms and moved up to a series regular before anyone gets a chance to breathe on the show.

i’m mad because this keeps happening. i have the right to be mad because this keeps happening. i will not dissolve by valid dissatisfaction because you can’t be bothered to understand why i’m upset as a woc. do not tone police me, ever.

when tvd does this to basically all of its poc characters, my attitude towards the show is not going to flip because bonnie got a funeral, when there’s so many that should have happened as well. bonnie got a funeral, and then we went back to the real world where no one cares about how she’s doing and everyone thinks she’s alright with feeling the pain of every supernatural death because no one has the guts to ask her.

i’ll take discussion of bonnie’s trauma and unfair treatment over a funeral any day.

this show is filled to the brim with racism and misogynoir, and if you took a second to understand and unpack your own before coming to me, this wouldn’t be such a hard concept

lol i don’t know why i’m writing this for you of all people, because you clearly don’t deserve my time and it’s obvious if you think that funeral as ‘enough’ for me, there’s no getting through to you and i’m not going to waste my time trying. when poc are murdered senselessly on and off the streets, you don’t kill us on screen, forget our names and move on. when a person walks into a woc’s askbox and tells her she’s being ‘too sensitive’ about the show’s treatment of poc, of the show brutally murdering and shafting their poc characters that look exactly like her, like her peers, like her family, you don’t kill us on screen. have a great day.

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que es bueno para ser visto, pequeña bruja

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que es bueno para ser visto, pequeña bruja

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lo que realmente debería haber pasado

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Todo está patas arriba por aquí, querida.

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Petition for Bonnie to be more than a plot device in this show